Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample
Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample
Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample
Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample
Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample
Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample
Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample
Sample Only Kit - 1 Sample

Asbestos Test Kit - Sample Only Testing - 72hr (3 Business Day) 

NVLAP lab Result with lab Testing fee Included. (1 Sample)

FREE Shipping
  • 72hr Lab Fee Included - No further costs to process your sample
  • PLM Testing Method - Your results will tell you which kind of asbestos was detected along with a percentage concentration
  • 3 Day Results (All samples are tested within 72hrs of receipt)
  • Perfect for testing Popcorn Ceilings, Cement, Siding, Guttering, Boarding & Floor Tiles
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How it works

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One property

This kit is to be used on one occasion, if you're looking to take samples from multiple properties or at different times you will require an extra kit per occasion.

Taking Samples

If you don't already have a sample to send off and need to take a sample of a material then we recommend ordering our Full Kit with PPE - We have linked to this kit in the table below.

Sample Only Kit

Table header 0Full KitSample Only
Mask ✘
on how to take
a sample
on how to
send sample
Lab Fee Inc✔ (72h turnaround)✔ (72h turnaround)
Addressed Envelope
Sample Bags

What can be tested

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